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Everything You Need To Know About Thinking and Winning Like a Barbecue Champion

July 12 & 13, 2014
Memphis, TN

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2 Days of Serious BBQ... 3 Championship Pitmasters

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ

Waylon Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ

Mark Lambert
Sweet Swine O' Mine

Barbecue Live In National Barbecue News

barbecue live cooking school in national bbq news

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We're Giving You Our Secrets

Barbecue Live is a side-by-side cooking class. Your going to get your hands dirty and we are going to show you exactly how we prep, cook and finish championship level barbecue.

  • Nothing is being held back
  • In depth Question and Answers
  • What is winning in competition barbecue right now
  • Chicken
  • Ribs
  • Pork
  • Brisket
  • Whole Hog

Join Us For 2 Days Of Serious KCBS BBQ (plus a whole hog)

bbq class hands-onWe're going to show you every step we go through when cooking all KCBS meats.

We're going to show you all our secrets to building blind boxes.

But were also going to talk about what it takes to think like a champion.

If you are tired of leaving contests - and spending all that money - without getting your name called, it's time to invest the same amount of money you would spend at a competition and come to this class to find out what's winning in competition barbecue today.

That is worth the cost of admission. But we're going to take it further than any other BBQ cooking school out there and tell you the things you want to know about getting your BBQ team to start generating a little money for you.

Plus we're going to talk about Sponsors, Building a BBQ Business and Marketing

Anyone can start a barbecue team, but if you want to become a PREMIER team you've got to know:

  • How to market your BBQ team, build your BRAND and do it without a lot of time, money or headache.
    Because we've learned that getting your name out there is the only sure-fire way of landing sponsors, getting new catering clients and just building interest in what your doing. And it's a lot easier than you think - you just gotta know the right way to do it...

  • How to take your BBQ Sauces and BBQ Rubs and get them on shelves.
    Both Killer Hogs and Sweet Swine O' Mine have products distributed nationally. And we are going to explain how to find the best manufacturer, what to think about when designing your label, the mistakes you need to avoid and how to find distributors.

  • How to find Sponsors.
    The best way to be able to cook 10+ contests a year - and still be able to buy new equipment - is to have a few sponsors. Where going to talk about what sponsors are looking for, how to get in contact with them, and what to say that makes them notice you. A couple thousand dollars a year make a big difference in how many times you get to cook (and win)

We want you to come, learn and then we want you to WIN.

That's why we're not holding anything back...

July 12 & 13, 2014
Memphis, TN

barbecue live


competition bbq cooking class